Working Wednesday Reads #4

Working Wednesday Reads #4
Photo by Arturo Castaneyra / Unsplash

Every Wednesday, I report to the office early.

Here are my morning commute reads :

  • Why Write? A good piece of writing reflects a good piece of thinking. Writing is also an attempt at making our ‘little bids for immortality’ (Elissa Gabbert, The Paris Review)
  • How To Become Anti-Fragile Financially. It’s all about finding ways to diversify your income streams. It pays to figure out what you love and lean into those obsessively. (Chris Keith)
  • American Buddhism. ‘Buddhism has found a new home in the West : The Corporation.’ In the past, meditation was about clearing the inner chatter. Now, its about imbuing work with a spiritual aura. (Judith Hertog, Guernica Mag)
  • In Defence of Kissinger. “Henry Kissinger’s classical realism—as expressed in both his books and his statecraft—is emotionally unsatisfying but analytically timeless.” (Robert Kaplan, The Atlantic)
  • How do Books become valuable? Darwin’s Origin of the Species is a seminal piece of scientifc literature. Its 1858 maiden print run was only 1250 copies. In 2019, one of these books sold for a whopping £162,500 in Edinburgh.(Aisling Twomey, Book Riot)
  • Toronto wants to kill the smart city forever. Smart cities are overrated because there is an overemphasis on the optimisation of everything, which will only kill what makes the city wonderful in the first place. (Karrie Jacobs , MIT Technology Review)

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