Working Wednesday Reads #3

Working Wednesday Reads #3
Photo by Lazarescu Alexandra / Unsplash

Every Wednesday, I report to the office early.

Here are my morning commute reads :

  • The Last of The Bougainvillea Years. “Sometimes it takes a departure to begin staying. You suddenly want to properly inhabit the place you’re leaving soon.” A poet’s reflection on the onset of nostalgia. (Zeina Hashem Beck, New Lines)
  • How To Actually Talk about Money with Your Partner. Talking about money is hard but one way to broach the subject is to ask for their advice, even if we don’t need it. (Kara Copple, IWT)
  • The Story of Two Sailors. Donald Crowhurst and Bernard Motiessier were two men that sought to sail solo non-stop around the world. Both did not complete the race. However, one died of suicide and the other, abandoned it and anchored himself in Tahiti for the rest of his life. What is your benchmark? (Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund)
  • The Magic of Optionality. Why chasing for more options is always better in an unpredictable world. (Taylor Pearson)
  • The Nonsense of The NSF Career Award. The infuriating bureaucracy in America that only serves to hinder innovation. (Tyler Cowen, Marginal Revolution)
  • The Joys of Spontaneity. Don’t schedule fun. Just have it! (Allie Volpe, Vox)

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