Working Wednesday Reads

Every Wednesday, I report to the office early.

Here are my morning commute reads :

  • The Savagery of Virginia Woolf. Virginia Woolf apparently had the sickest burns for people reserved in her diary. My favourite one is her insult on Freud , ‘A screwed up shrunk very old man: with a monkey’s light eyes, paralysed spasmodic movements, inarticulate: but alert.’ (Emily Temple, Lithub)
  • Amazon Web Services Runs The US Government. AWS runs cloud computing for CIA, NASA, FDA and CDC. It’s first $600m deal with CIA was off to a turbulent start. (Frank Konkel, Gov Exec)
  • The True Purpose of Propaganda. The purpose of propaganda is not just about instilling belief. But, to remind you how much power the regime has over you. You know its absurd for Winston Smith to mutter, ‘2+2=5’. Yet, you watch him do it. Why? (Haifeng Huang)
  • The Man Who Broke (American) Capitalism. The true villain of 20th century corporate America was not the Soviets, it was Jack Welch. His ruthless cost-cutting and intense focus on quarterly earnings coupled with his mantra of paying CEOs top dollar destroyed the livelihoods of many workers and transformed America for the worst. (David Gelles, NPR)
  • Its Time To Build. When Marc Andreessen puts his money to work, what he is putting it to? Building up infrastructure for the next generation of Americans (Marc Andreessen, a16z)
  • The Five Day Workweek. Jewish Workers, Drunk Brits and why are we still working five days a week? A 2014 article that is worth revisiting. (Philip Sopher, The Atlantic)
  • The Geopolitical Reality of the Ream Base. Are American concerns of Chinese deployments at a Cambodian naval base overblown? (Charissa Yong, The Straits Times)

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