Breakfast Notes #87 (Find The Good Reads Here)

Breakfast Notes #87 (Find The Good Reads Here)
Photo by israel palacio / Unsplash

Hi friends!

This week, I went deep on reading.

I know you want to read more and better this year.

I am here to help you!

You can check out the links this week, and I promise they will blow your mind (in different ways)

  • The Portrait of Goh Keng Swee. When GKS retired, LKY exclaimed to Goh, "No panegyric can do justice to you. A whole generation of Singaporeans take their present standard of living for granted because you had laid the foundations of the economy of modern Singapore." This book dives deep into the story of a man who built much of Singapore's economic foundation. I will die on this hill: This is a must-read for every Singaporean!
  • Do Deep Work! Cal Newport's seminal book, Deep Work, explains the value and importance of focusing intensely on cognitively demanding tasks without distraction. Newport argues that deep work is a rare and valuable skill that can help you thrive in today’s economy and achieve more meaningful and satisfying work. He also provides practical strategies and tips on cultivating and practising deep work in your own life. Read this to start your 2024 right!

Visualization of The Week

Minister of Defence Dr Goh Keng Swee (second from right) …

Then, Minister of Defence Dr Goh Keng Swee (second from right) arrived for the inaugural batch of officer cadets passing-out parade at Beach Road.

GKS was initially sceptical about the idea of implementing an officer cadet course. After all, we didn't have the men and spaces in the British Officer Training School.

But, Ze'evi, the Israeli advisor convinced him, "You need to give training your top priority. Invest in training your commanders; you need an Officer Training School that will produce a committed corps of professional soldiers."

Here, we can see that he happily ate his words.

May the sun shine upon your face,


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