Breakfast Notes #86 (Rediscovering Singapore)

Breakfast Notes #86 (Rediscovering Singapore)
Photo by Kharl Anthony Paica / Unsplash

Hi friends!

A few updates to the blog/newsletter in 2024.

  1. More book notes incoming. I have been tearing through books in the past quarter and am slowly uploading my notes on the blog for you to see. (For now, you can check out the one on Bold Vision!) I will update you when new notes come out. I hope this inspires you to read more!
  2. More digging into Singapore's history. I am reading Goh Keng Swee's biography by Tan Siok Sun. It has thrusted me into a rabbit hole of reading our Holy Trinity (LKY, GKS and Rajaratnam) speeches and writings.
  3. More Essays. It will be a combination of 1 and 2. For a taste, see this.
  • Larry King's Great Wisdom. Cal Fussman, famously known as the Master of Questions spoke to America's best artistes, thinkers , athletes. His entire collection of past interviews can be found on Esquire. My favourite is his piece with Larry King. This is my favourite bit of wisdom- "You only get one mother. When your mother's living, there's always a place to go home to. No matter what age you are. Because your mother's door never closes. Your wife could close a door. Your sister could close a door. Your brother could close a door, and your father could run away. Your job could fire you. No mother ever fires you." Remember to be kind to your mother.
  • Optimizing Singapore's World-Class Public Transport System. Let me in on a secret. If I were to run for mayor in any American city, I would run on the platform of adapting Singapore's public transport system. This 3 minute explainer tells you how Singapore will cut down bus services and still serve its commuters better.
  • Stay Stylish for 2024. Southeast Asia is going to be hot in 2024. But you don't have to lose your cool for it. This post shows how you can use linen, loafers and little towelettes to be the fashionista you are destined to be. Do me a favour and bookmark this page. (This site is better suited for gents)

Visualization of The Week

UN offers condolences on death of former Singaporean leader Lee Kuan Yew |  UN News
Credits: UN

PM Lee Kuan Yew, with the UN Sec-Gen U Thant, Singapore's FM S Rajaratnam at UNHQ

They were the original men-in-black.

Ain't that a style worth copying?

May the sun shine upon your face,


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