Breakfast Notes #71 (Best Reads So Far)

Breakfast Notes #71 (Best Reads So Far)
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Hello friends,

Here is the 71st serving of the Breakfast Notes.

I thought I would share some of the most delectable reads in the past two months again for your reading pleasure.

  • Geopolitics of London. The word 'geopolitics' is a portmanteau of geography and politics. My go-to writer in recent weeks for clear analysis is George Friedman. He obsessively studies a nation's history and geography and explains how geography determines its trajectory. This essay on London highlights the paradox of all great cities. London is the expression of British culture and heritage. It is where royalty resides, financiers congregate and the brightest minds gather. Yet, for a city that ought to represent the best of Britain, its interest greatly diverges from the rest of the nation.
  • How To Have Fun Again. According to science journalist, Catherine Price, we experience "fun" at the centre of three states: playfulness, connectedness, and flow. To find fun, we must purposefully find activities that allow us to play, connect and focus. In other words, we must immerse ourselves wholeheartedly. It’s no wonder playing basketball, Call of Duty or even hide and seek can be so adrenaline-inducing.
  • The Story of Two Sailors. Donald Crowhurst and Bernard Motiessier were two men that sought to sail solo non-stop around the world. Both did not complete the race. However, one died of suicide and the other abandoned it and anchored himself in Tahiti for the rest of his life. What is your benchmark?
  • Role Models Are Hidden in Plain Sight. If I told you that there is a democratically-elected world leader today, who could lead one of the world's most difficult countries competently by reducing inequality and developing a national infrastructure while healing a seemingly irreconcilable divide, you would think I'm nuts. But as Professor Kishore shared, President Jokowi did just that. Like our moms and dads, our best role models are sometimes hidden in plain sight.

May The Sun Shine Upon Your Face,


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